Congratulations! Your Engaged!!!


So now you have an engagement session coming up and you’re not really sure what to expect. You are looking for cute, happy and definitely in love.  For most of us, being in front of a camera does not come naturally.  And not many of us can claim to have past professional modeling experience to draw from. Don’t hit the PANIC button yet! Remember you are not doing this alone. Your best friend will be there with you and that alone will make for some shared beautiful and interesting moments.

First of all, it is the photographer’s job to capture the beautiful images of the way you feel towards each other. Our job is to make sure to capture that love that comes naturally.

Now, here are a few tips and on how you can prepare for this day.

1.    You will want to feel pampered and beautiful and what better way than to have you’re hair and make up done. When you feel good, it will shine through.

2.    Wear outfits that you love. We want to capture the real you so if you are a jeans and boots kind of girl, don’t be afraid to show that side of you during your shoot.  If you never dress up, don’t feel like you have to do it for us. Be yourself and let us capture it.  If you feel uncomfortable or awkward in your outfits, it will show.

3.    You select where you want to go for your shoot (within reason of course, unless you want to pick up the tab for a Vegas weekend).  Pick a place that has some meaning to you. City Girl, want to shoot in downtown areas to capture the urban setting you love? Sure, why not. Pick a place that is special to you.  One of our favorite places is  Gouveia Vineyards. In fact, the first two images above of our newest engaged couple was taken there.  It is a beautiful place not only for a session but to relax and enjoy the beautiful land and great tasting wines.

4.    Pets. If you would like to have your pets in on the action, please be sure to check with the location to make sure they are fine with having them there.  Also, it would be best to have someone along to help you with them so we can also get in some shots of just the two of you

5.    How about a picnic basket in the park with champagne and crystal stemware.  Sometimes couple set up scenarios for their engagement sessions. Other fun ideas would be could be sailing, at home with your pets, washing your car. It is fun when couples really get into the session and make it their own.

6.    Props. Don’t forget the ring. Love wearing hats? Cowboy boots? Wine and glasses? Your session, your way. You will love our images and this is a great opportunity to get to know us and our style. 

Engagement session fee is $375 (before tax).  The session is included in select wedding collections if you book your wedding and provide a down-payment prior to the date of engagement session.  

All final hi-resolution images will be available for viewing, sharing and downloading through your password protected gallery.